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Advaita Audio (2006-Present)

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Experimental Music Collective
Advaita Audio is the label that devised and originated the “split channel release”.

Advaita Audio emanated from a diverse mix of magick and music. This is a brief history of our emergence…


Temicxoch Press (2001-2003)

Temicxoch PressGenres: Experimental, Dark Ambient, and Ritual Industrial.
Temicxoch Press is the label that launched Ashram Al-Fattah Amtra and Temple of Inner Light.



Ishnigarrab Recordings (1991-2001)

Ishnigarrab RecordingsGenres: Industrial, Death Ambient, Death Metal, Grindcore, and Tribal.
Ishnigarrab Recordings is the label that launched Absu, Equimanthorn, and Akhkharu.



Chamber Noise Recordings (1991-1993)

Chamber Noise RecordingsGenres: Experimental, Industrial, Death Ambient, and Noise.
Chamber Noise Recordings is the label that launched Furnace (the first Industrial Death Metal / Grindcore band).