Advaita Antiquity: 2006-Present

Advaita Audio (2006-Present)

Since 2006, Advaita Audio has been producing unique audio recordings rooted in occult precepts. We are a collective of artists who conspires with Chaos.

  • Akhkharu: TBA (2019)
  • Akhkharu: Nos Noctium Dominarium CD/CS (2017)
  • Psykick Psyrgery/Worms of the Earth: Abhvan CD (2006)

Advaita Audio Affiliated artists:

  • Akhtya
  • Akrabu
  • Black Funeral
  • Black Seas of Infinity
  • Corona Barathri
  • Crimson Moon
  • Scorpios Androctonus
  • Valefor

Advaita Audio affiliated labels: