Advaita Antiquity: Chamber Noise Recordings

Chamber Noise Recordings (1991-1993)

From 1991-1993, Chamber Noise Recordings released Experimental, Ambient, Noise, and Occult Ritual recordings. This underground label is notable for launching Furnace (the first Industrial Death Metal / Grindcore band). Due to logistical reasons, this music label was consolidated into Ishnigarrab Recordings.

Compendium Preeminence:

Furnace (members of Absu, Conniftionfit, Crucifix, Gruesome Fate)

Industrial Cybergrind

  • Furnace: Furnace
  • Furnace: Cremated Souls 7″ (Gothic Records / Chamber Noise Recordings)
  • Furnace: The Industrial Byproduct VHS

The Wrathful and the Sullen

Black Ambient Death

  • The Wrathful and the Sullen: The Leopard of Malice and Fraud, The Lion of Violence and Ambition, and the She-Wolf of Incontinence
  • The Wrathful and the Sullen: Sad and Grave

Will O’ the Witch

Black Ambient Death

  • Will O’ the Witch: Aradia and the Gospel of Witches

The Manifest

Dark Experimental Occultism

  • The Manifest: The Manifest

Chromatic Abstraction

Experimental Soundscapes

  • Chromatic Abstraction: Ars Nova

Chamber Noise Recordings affiliated labels:

Gothic Records

    • Furnace: Cremated Souls 7″ Colored Vinyl (Gothic Records / Chamber Noise Recordings)