Advaita Approved II Zeuhl France

At Advaita Audio, we appreciate a wide range of musical genres and would like to share some of our favorite releases with like-minded listeners. We will publish this Advaita Approved list in chapters, each having releases with similar characteristics… take what you like, discard the rest.

Shub-Niggurath: Les Morts Vont Vite

advaita_audio-les_morts_vont_viteb100x100Shub-Niggurath was an avant-rock/zeuhl band from France founded in 1983 by Allan Baullaud. Their debut, Les Morts Vont Vite, is a brooding mix of Rock in Opposition / Zeuhl… dark prog with a sharp edge.
1986 Vinyl (Musea)
1997 CD (Gazul Records)

Yog Sothoth: Yog Sothoth

Another French ensemble, Yog Sothoth, released this avant-garde free-jazz offering right around the time they disbanded. Here lies ambient prog, improvised dissonance, free-form solos, and dynamic interplay. Not for the squeamish!
1984 Vinyl (Cryonic Inc.)

Magma: Magma

advaita_audio-magmab100x100Led by drummer Christian Vander, Magma, another French progressive rock band, was founded in Paris in 1969. Magma, their two disk debut, is a zeuhl / jazz-rock collection of hypnotic movements, lengthy solos, and

1970 Vinyl (Philips)
1988 CD (Seventh Records)