Advaita Approved III Drums and Fire

At Advaita Audio, we appreciate a wide range of musical genres and would like to share some of our favorite releases with like-minded listeners. We will publish this Advaita Approved list in chapters, each having releases with similar characteristics… take what you like, discard the rest.

Crash Worship: Triplemania II

Crash Worship: Triplemania II

This is my favorite band of all time, hands down. So, this will not be the only Crash Worship release to be featured in the Advaita Approved list. Triplemania II, their last full length album, will melt your mind with their signature drums, analog noodling, and talkbox vocals. Drums, drums, and fire… Adoration De Rotura Violenta!

Released: 1994 CS/CD (Charnel)

Itchy-O: Burn the Navigator

Itchy-O: Burn the Navigator

Started in 2010 by Scott Banning (live support for Crash Worship & Extra Action Marching Band), Itchy-O is a 32+ member marching band on bath salts. Burn the Navigator is an amazing mix of marching band percussion, analog synths, bass, guitar, and vocorder. After a proper listen, you’ll be ready to put on your luchador mask, sombrero, and join the second line.

Released: 2014 CD (Alternative Tentacles)

Sharkbait: Blowtorch Face-Lift

Sharkbait: Blow Torch Face-Lift

Sharkbait is indeed a bizarre group who mysteriously fell off the map in the early/mid 90s after releasing three or four albums. Their sound and style varied a bit between albums, but they had a undercurrent of metal percussion throughout. From thunderous junk yard rhythms to experimental studio noodling, Blowtorch Face-Lift was their coup de grâce and embodied the best that Sharkbait has offered. Grab a hub cap, a stick, and join the Carnival of Steel!

Released: 1991 CD (Primitech Releases)