Advaita Approved IV Ambient Tribal

At Advaita Audio, we appreciate a wide range of musical genres and would like to share some of our favorite releases with like-minded listeners. We will publish this Advaita Approved list in chapters, each having releases with similar characteristics… take what you like, discard the rest.

Robert Rich: Propagation


Robert Rich stands out from other electronic artists. His use of just intonation and electroacoustic sources makes his music as much organic as it is synthetic. Propagation is lush, layered, and thick with ambient tribal motifs. It weaves together: synthesizers, slide guitar, bass,  zither, goblet drums, udu, talking drum, waterphone, bamboo flutes, ocarina, field recordings, violin (performed by Forrest Fang), and sarod (performed by Lisa Moskow). Propagation is deep, expansive, and a unique exploration of shamanic moods without being pretentious. Highly recommended world/ambient/tribal!

1994 CD/Vinyl (Hearts of Space)

Kenneth Newby: Ecology of Souls


Kenneth Newby was a member of Trance Mission, Lights in a Fat City, and Halcyon Days (a collaboration with Steve Roach & Stephen Kent). He is an exceptional suling performer player and this album is a prime example of his talents. Ecology of Souls is a sonic tapestry featuring suling gambuh, zither, and Balinesian gamelan rhythms. A mysterious blending of ethnic, ambient, and tribal which just may convince you to build yourself a hubcap gangsa and play along! All joking aside, this is a great album.

1993 CD (Songlines Recordings)

Suspended Memories: Forgotten Gods


Suspended Memories, a collaboration between Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, and Suso Saiz was at the forefront of ambient tribal and Forgotten Gods was their pinnacle release. They incorporated prehispanic clay flutes, clay water pots, rainstick, turtle shell, didgeridoo, ocarina, shamanic chants, and drums with synthesizers, electric guitar, and effect processors. The entire album undulates likes a serpent in a dark dreamland drift. Find your local Ayahuascero, pour his best brew, and melt into the pulse of the universe with this album.

1993 CD (Hearts of Space)