[AA002] Akhkharu: Nos Noctium Dominarium (reissue)

[AA002] Akhkharu: Nos Noctium Dominarium (reissue)

Akhkharu: Nos Noctium Dominarium (reissue)

Originally released in 1996, this 2017 reissue from Dark Age Productions in conjunction with Advaita Audio, features over one hour of Vampyric Dark Ambient rituals. Limited edition, remastered album, and available on CD and CS.

CD contains 4 page booklet of sigils and ships with exclusive pin.

Cassette release contains a 4 panel booklet of sigils, black shell with white ink, factory sealed in a clear norelco case. Ships with exclusive pin.

track listing:
01. Summoning the Sacred Staff (Of the Genetic Essence of Vampiric Blood)
02. Nos Dominari Noctus
03. Summoning the Astral Blood Essence (Adu Enki En I)
04. Communion of the Brotherhood (Deny Thy Mortal Self)
05. Ammaranth (Of the Feeding and Consummation of Blood)
06. Funeral Winds of Necromantic Summonings
07. De Arcanum Opus Noctium (The Ending Cycle of Lilith)

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