Hexenhaus (USA): Assemblage of the Desolate

hexenhaus-dreamlands-w100x100Hexenhaus (USA) was a vampire blood cult whose undead reach spread from Dallas, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 1992, by Inanna (Brian Artwick) & Alyda (Robert Whitus), Hexenhaus gained notoriety in the goth underground for their uniquely traditional orchestral music, Vampiric / Lovecraftian lyrics, and their mesmerizing live performances. From 1992-1994 Hexenhaus produced a series of extended-play cassette recordings which were released through Ishnigarrab Recordings. Their unapologetic twist on Gothic music transcended genres and audiences as they quickly acquired a fan-base out of Death Metal fans. In 1994, Hexenhaus was featured in “Children of Dracula”, a Discovery Channel documentary about real-life vampires. For the film, one of their live ritual performances was filmed and featured. On a side note, Brian Artwick supplied additional music which was featured in the television score. In 1995, Hexenhaus embarked on their “Dark Dreams Trough the Ancient Lands” tour of Mexico along side of Sadistic Intent. With the momentum of touring, Hexenhaus produced “Dreamlands”, a CD released in 1997 by Ishnigarrab Recordings. Short after, in 1998, Hexenhaus was featured on the Triple X Records / Hollows Hill Sound Recordings various artist Gothic CD “Various – Dim View Of The Future” along with Shadow Project, Gitane Demone, and Apocalypse Theatre. Although there has been little activity from the macabre cult since, there are rumors of some type of Hexenhaus reoccurrence.

Alyda (Robert Whitus): Vocals
Inanna (Brian Artwick): Instrumentation
Jessicka: Backing Vocals

Hexenhaus (USA): The Art of Dying (Ishnigarrab Recordings)
Hexenhaus (USA): Dreamlands (Ishnigarrab Recordings)
Hexenhaus (USA): Reoccurrence (Ishnigarrab Recordings)
Various Artists: Dim View of the Future (Triple X Records / Hollows Hill Sound Recordings)

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